After-School and Summer Camp Workshops

Ages 3-5:

Each class includes a story, a craft and an activity


Earth Moon, Sun and Stars

earth moon and stars.png

Come travel with us to the moon, sun, our night sky and then back to our extraordinary planet earth. We'll launch a rocket, build a space probe, experience life with zero gravity and take a picture in space. We'll see how moon craters are formed, make a model of our moon and a mobile of the moon's phases. We'll learn why the sun appears to walk across the sky and use sunlight to power a motor and paint a picture. Finally, we'll learn to recognize constellations in our night sky.

Little Builders Club

In this series we’ll build a boat to rescue a penguin, a hot air balloon to re-unite old friends and a catapult to storm the castle. Each activity is interspersed with a popular children’s book. What will you create in this interactive design class for little hands?

Professor Potion's Potionology class

Oh my, Professor Potion is missing and he has left behind some unusual recipes. Are you brave enough to try them out? We’ll find powders that fizzle, liquids that change colors and mixtures that glow. Dress for a mess because this class will certainly create quite a stir.


Grades K-2


Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars

In this class, we'll launch a rocket to the moon, observe constellations in our night viewer box and shimmy, stroll and sprint through our solar system and prepare an astronaut snack.

Creative Crafters

From aircraft, to boat building, this session will have you making and designing floaters and flyers of all types. We’ll experiment to see what makes a good flier and which shapes of boats float best. 

Professor Potion’s Mixology Lab

Would you like to become a certified mixologist? Join Professor Potion as he mixes, splashes, spills and concocts a variety of substances. From play-dough to slime to kinetic sand, you’ll work like a real scientist exploring the best combinations of materials to create the perfect concoctions.


Grades 3-6


CSI and the Human Body

Help solve the mysteries, such as, "The case of the cursed cookies," and "the mysterious artwork." As we work to solve these mysteries we'll uncover some other secrets about what makes our bodies truly unique. We'll unmask DNA patterns and use techniques the real CSI scientists use such as chromotography and dusting for fingerprints. 


Makers in Space

The maker movement is going stellar.  Design a space shuttle, launcher and lander. Imagine what sights have yet to be discovered, including alien life forms and launch a rocket. We’ll end with a workshop on living and working in space as we prepare our own space meal and use a glove box.


Potionology 101

This series takes the exploding volcano to a whole new level. We’ll mix, stir and concoct the ideal lava flow through trial and error. We’ll make elephant toothpaste and unicorn poop, mixtures that pop and others that flow and concoct the ideal slime mixture.  


Creative Constructivists

Calling all builders! Join us as we build a pinball machine out of cardboard and other up-cycled materials, launch a variety aerodynamic gliders and even face an invading army using our hand-made catapults. This class will get you thinking, tinkering and making a variety of useful tools to take home and enjoy.