stemTastic! classes

 Each class is developmentally appropriate and allows children to learn best based on their level of inquiry. Classes for children ages 3-7 focus on sensory experiences using trial and error techniques while classes for 7 and up incorporate the scientific principals behind those experiences and observations with trial and error. Topics range from earth science to simple machines, chemistry, dinosaurs, planet earth and physics. One-day workshops and birthday parties are also available.


After School


6-10 week sessions are available at a location in Oyster Bay, or arrangements can be made for us to come to you. Topics include but are not limited to; simple machines, crazy concoctions, weather, animal classifications, solids, liquids and gases and planet earth. Classes are typically $15./child for 1.5 hour sessions, discounts available for host families as well as siblings. 


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One-hour sessions for ages 3-7 and 7-12. Each begin with a period of free exploration of materials, followed by either a story(ages 3-7) or a gathering of ideas for ages 7-12, and conclude with work on a take home project.  Cost: $150 +$50 travel fee for libraries beyond 20 miles of East Norwich. 




1.5 hour to 3 hour workshops can be offered for grades nursery through 6th. 

Pricing starts at $150. with discounts available for multiple bookings.