Castles and Catapults


For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Come explore a variety of tools we can use to send an object soaring through the air. Learn about physics as we explore how a force in one direction creates a force in the opposite direction. Design and build your own unique system for launching our ammo(pom-poms) into the air. Hide behind a cardboard "castle," as we hide from attackers. 


Marble Ramps and Roller Coasters

In this class, we'll manipulate the forces of gravity, acceleration and motion in ways Newton never could have envisioned. We'll use a larger-than life sized marble ramp to see how marbles travel, build our own marble Roller-Coaster and Pin-ball machine or marble maze.  Each participant will take home their own marble maze or pinball machine.


Mysteries of Flight

Join us as we uncover the science behind concepts such as lift and air pressure.

We'll build our own gliders, hovercraft and airplanes and test them out on our runway. We'll use trial and error techniques to perfect our designs in hopes of creating the perfect flying machine.


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