These in-School and Library Programs are Ideal

for Children Ages 3-7



Earth, Moon Sun and Stars

Using our bodies, we’ll learn how the earth, moon and sun rotate and revolve. We’ll make moon craters, a moon model, launch a rocket, and experience what it might be like to live aboard the international space station. 


Cynthia Rylant’s, “Yes Katie, the Volcano is a Girl,”


Come discover how legend and scientific fact merge as we listen to the legend of Pele and her older sister, Na Maka o Kaha'i of Hawaii. We'll build a volcano, watch it explode then build a raft and see if it can survive a tsunami.


Marla Frazee’s, “RollerCoaster,”

We’ll observe how marbles travel down a path much like a rollercoaster, building potential energy and gaining momentum. Then we’ll build our own marble ramps to take home.

Robin Kinerk's, "Clorinda Takes Flight,"

clorinda hot air balloon image.jpg

Clorinda is a cow with a big heart and even bigger dreams. Join Clorinda as she uses a trial and error approach to develop the perfect flying machine. Then we’ll use trial and error ourselves to build and design our own flying contraptions; from roto-copters to gliders to hot air balloons!

Pamela Allen's, "Who Sank the Boat,"

who sank the boat.jpg

An entertaining tale about a cow a sheep, a donkey a pig and a little mouse who decide to go on a boat ride. We'll spend some time at water play, observing objects that sink and float and others than can do both. Then we'll design and build our own floating craft.





Tomie DePaolo’s, “Knight and the Castle,”

Children will build two types of miniature pom pom launchers, then attempt to launch them over the walls of a neighboring castle for a fun game. The winning team will have the most pom poms on the other side.


Doreen Cronin's,"Diary of a Worm"

We'll take a close look at mealworms and earthworms to determine what makes a worm a worm, an insect an insect and a spider a spider. We'll take turns moving like each creature and build our own models of worms, insects and spiders.


Professor Potions Potionology Lab

Professor Potion has agreed to certify a new group of Potionologists. But first, you must complete a series of tasks he has outlined for you. Are you up for the challenge? Can you make a rainbow of colors from one liquid? Make raisins dance and create an oozy explosion? If so, you may have what it takes to become a certified Potionologist.  


professor potions.jpg